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Qing Xu Rural Wastewater Treatment


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Qing Xu Rural Wastewater Treatment Project, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

Project profile: the project is located in Xugou Town, Qing Xu County, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. It is a continuous rural wastewater treatment demonstration project of Ministry of Environmental Protection, which started from July 2012, completed in December and completed acceptance in January, 2013. With multiple biological technologies of Israel and combination of photocatalysis technology of Dowell, according to China's actual characteristics, secondary development is carried out. By taking advantage of the principle of biologic chain and pyramid that exist in the nature, decompose and consume the organic and inorganic components of the waste water in different reaction pools by spatially separating the microorganisms in different levels. In this process, based on the principle that microorganisms of last step serve as food consumed by the microorganisms of next step, waste water flows into many reaction pools in order and ultimately achieves zero discharge.